Uncontested Divorce – What is it and how do i get one?

Uncontested divorces are the most common type of divorce in the UK and used in more than 99% of divorces filed.

An Uncontested Divorce offers you and your spouse an amicable, inexpensive and quicker way to deal with your divorce. This type of divorce isn’t right for everybody, but if you are in agreement it is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to divorce.

QuickeDivorce only provide quick online divorce services for couples seeking an uncontested divorce, which is where both parties agree to the divorce, removing the need to instruct a solicitor and attend a court hearing.

What are the Advantages of Uncontested Divorce?

More Amicable

If you and your ex-partner are amicable and agree to the divorce you will not need to involve solicitors and risk affecting the situation. If you can be amicable during your divorce you will not only be able to get a cheaper and quicker divorce, but it will also be easier to deal with.

Quicker resolution

QuickeDivorce provide several levels of uncontested divorce service, which will affect the length of time your divorce can be completed in. Our Managed Divorce Service is the quickest service and on average can complete within 14 weeks.


The low costs associated with uncontested divorce are obviously the most revealing benefit to being amicable and not instructing solicitors. You can start your DIY Divorce for in minutes and compared to using solicitors it could save you over £1,000.

When you are amicable and in agreement to the divorce there is no need to instruct a solicitor and in doing so you could save hundreds of pounds for what effectively is a legal paperwork process.

Requirements of an Uncontested Divorce

You can only proceed with an uncontested divorce if both parties are in agreement and the respondent doesn’t defend the divorce.

It is always worth seeking professional legal advice before deciding to use an uncontested divorce service, mainly to ensure you are receiving a fair deal when you split your assets and finances within the marriage.

Some of the basic requirements you will need to get an uncontested divorce are;

  • You must have been married for 12 months.
  • You must have a valid ground for divorce.
  • You must see England or Wales as your permanent home, or be domiciled in England or Wales if you live abroad.

You can still get an uncontested divorce with Quickedivorce if;

  • You live outside of the UK.
  • Your marriage certificate isn’t in English.
  • You have children within your marriage.
  • You don’t know where your spouse is living.
  • You have assets and finances to make legally binding.

The Uncontested Divorce Process – How It Works

The process of an uncontested divorce is very straightforward and has 3 main stages.

1. Complete D8 Divorce Petition

Firstly you will need to complete a D8 divorce petition, which states the reasons for the divorce and has your personal and marriage details on. If you use our Managed Divorce Service we will complete all necessary divorce documents for you.

2. Apply for Decree Nisi

You then need to apply for the decree nisi, which is where the courts pronounce your decree, as they see no reasons to not grant you the divorce.

3. Apply for your Decree Absolute

Lastly you will need to apply for the decree absolute, 6 weeks after the decree nisi is pronounced.

What role does the respondent play in an uncontested divorce?

The reason a divorce can become contested is due to the respondent not agreeing to the divorce petition. Therefore, the respondent plays a massive part in an uncontested divorce as their response to the divorce petition decides which route the divorce will follow.

The respondent will receive an acknowledgement of service document in the post. This is where they will sign to say they agree or defend the divorce petition. If they agree the divorce will be filed as an uncontested divorce. If the respondent decided to disagree and defend the petition then it will be filed as a contested divorce.

What Happens Next?

Once you receive your decree absolute, this means you are then officially divorced, but please remember that this does mean that your assets and finances are legally separated and secured after divorce.

Using our Managed Divorce & Consent Order Service, we would handle your entire divorce case, but also obtain you a consent order. Unsure what a consent order is?

This makes it quick and easy for you to receive your decree absolute within 12-16 weeks on average, without any worry or stress about protecting your future after divorce.


Using QuickeDivorce for your uncontested divorce

All of our low cost divorce services are fixed fee and cost of the service is taken upfront, so we can start work straight away on your case.

There are no hidden costs or nasty surprises, just a one off fixed fee payment and the mandatory court-filing fees, if you are not exempt from paying them.

We understand that people can be sceptical about choosing QuickeDivorce as our low costs are so appealing compared to solicitors firms, but we have processed over 150,000 divorces and continue to be a leader in online uncontested divorces in the UK.

DIY Divorce Service – £59

All you need to do is complete our Quick Online Application, you will then receive the completed forms within 24 hours

Our divorce experts will complete and check all required divorce paperwork that you will need. We will then send them to you within 24 hours ready for you to sign and post to the court.

This service includes unlimited telephone & email support throughout your case from start-to-finish.

DIY Divorce Service

Managed Divorce Service – £169

Sit back and put your feet up as we manage your divorce from start to finish, including all contact with the courts.

You can track your divorce online 24/7, and you only need to complete your order and provide us with basic information via an online questionnaire.

This service includes priority telephone, email and live chat support from your dedicated case manager.

Managed Divorce Service

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