Is getting a divorce online legal and what makes them so popular? 

This is one of the concerns some people have before they undertake an online divorce, as they have never done a divorce process before.

A divorce is a legal process that requires certain paperwork being filed at certain times, which means that anyone can complete it as long as it’s done correctly and have valid grounds for divorce.

The legality of an online divorce is one of the most common concerns people have before deciding to use an online divorce service.

Is a divorce online legal?

Yes, using an online divorce company to either complete your paperwork or your entire divorce is 100% legal.

The reason why some people ask this question is due to the low costs associated with online divorce services, as they would have been quoted £700+ with a local high street solicitor.

A divorce online is not only legal and cheaper, but it is also quicker than most solicitor firms. The average timescale for a divorce online that is being managed for you is just 14-16 weeks, compared to the average of 16-24 weeks with a high street solicitors firm.

Is my situation right for a divorce online?

To use an online divorce service your case will need to be undefended and have valid grounds for divorce, which if you are unsure about you can call us on 01793 384 032 for a free consultation.

If you are looking to keep things amicable between you and your spouse, then using an online divorce is the best option for you as it’s simple and straightforward.

QuickeDivorce are also able to help in thousands of situations where you might want more than just the divorce; for example, if you are abroad, have children or assets and finances to arrange.


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Why are they becoming so popular?

Obviously, the appealing low costs are one of the main reasons that online divorces are becoming so popular, with the average saving being over £750, but there also many other reasons why.

The timescale of an online divorce that is being managed much like a solicitor would do for you is just 16-20 weeks. This is half the national average of 33 weeks, and 8-6 weeks quicker than most solicitors.

The all-round stress-free nature and ease of use that you get with an online divorce compared to traditional high street firms is also a major factor for people choosing to use QuickeDivorce.

DIY Divorce Service – £59

All you need to do is complete our Quick Online Application, you will then receive the completed forms within 24 hours

Our divorce experts will complete and check all required divorce paperwork that you will need. We will then send them to you within 24 hours ready for you to sign and post to the court.

This service includes unlimited telephone & email support throughout your case from start-to-finish

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Managed Divorce Service – £169

Yes, using an online divorce company to either complete your paperwork or your entire divorce is 100% legal.

You can track your divorce Online 24/7, and you only need to complete your order and provide us with basic information via an online questionnaire. This is one of our Fastest Services that allows you to get Divorced within 12-14 weeks.

This Service includes Full Priority Telephone, e-mail and Live Chat Support from your Dedicated Case Manager.

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