How To Get a Quick Divorce With Quicke

We have helped over 150,000 people get divorced, quickly, and stress-free saving ££££ in the process.

If you and your spouse are in agreement to the divorce and can speak amicably then you will be able to obtain a quick divorce.

Quicke divorce can handle your entire divorce, provide you with the same if not better service as your local high street solicitor & ensure you receive your decree absolute within 16-20 weeks, 10 weeks quicker than most high street solicitors.

The Divorce process

The divorce process is largely administration based however, some things can be done to speed up the process.

The divorce process is comprised of 5 steps:

  1. File a divorce petition
  2. Acknowledgement of service
  3. Decree nisi
  4. Decree absolute

Some things can be done to speed up your divorce every step of the way.

Amicable Relationship

Having an amicable relationship with your spouse can help speed the entire process along. Being able to talk to each other ensures that you are both aware of where in the process you are and what’s next.

This ensures that when it comes to the respondent receiving the acknowledgement of service they agree and respond quickly.


Ensuring your spouse agrees to the divorce will make the divorce process a lot quicker. Contested divorces can take weeks, sometimes even months longer & cost more.

If your spouse agrees to divorce then you must inform them of the grounds for divorce you will be filling upon, often spouses agree to divorce but do not agree to the grounds for divorce causing a delay in sending papers or it can even lead them to refuse to cooperate.


Being efficient in responding to paperwork, emails, & phone calls ensures that the process can be completed quickly. If the court or those that are filling your divorce are waiting on you for important paperwork your divorce will be put on hold as they are unable to process any further without it.

Check Paperwork

It important that you check all paperwork before sending it off. Mistakes can waste not only your time but the courts time.

If you choose to file for divorce using a solicitor or divorce provider you will be sent documents to check before they are sent off to court. Check these documents thoroughly to ensure no errors have been made, if they have, inform your divorce provider quickly.

Other Online Firms Promise a Quicker Turnaround?

When looking for online divorce providers be aware that other firms may promise that they can get you divorced in less than 12 weeks, however, this is simply impossible.

The divorce process is the same no matter how you choose to file for divorce. The court will process the divorce petitions in the order in which they receive them & there is also a mandatory 6-week wait between the decree nisi and decree absolute.

Unfortunately no matter what you do, the process before the decree nisi and decree absolute will take longer than 6 weeks.

These quick/quickie divorce claims are misleading and untrue. Quicke Divorce provides quick but attainable timescales.

How to Start a Divorce with Quicke Divorce


Pay & Complete online questionnaire

Pay online using our secure checkout. Then Log in to your online portal and complete your initial questionnaire. This information will be used to draft your divorce papers saving you the hassle of visiting our offices.


Sign & return divorce papers

You now need to sign the completed divorce papers we send you. We show you exactly where you need to sign and once this is done, you need to return them back to us.


Track your divorce online

You can now use your online portal to track your entire divorce procedure. We’ll notify you at each stage of your divorce so you will know where you stand each step of the way.


Managed Divorce Service

We handle all aspects of your divorce including the drafting and filing of all divorce documents with the courts, as well as any communication between the court, your spouse or any opposing solicitors.

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Fixed Fee Solicitor Divorce Service

Our team of highly qualified solicitors will manage your entire divorce process for you from start-to-finish for just £299 fixed fee, with no hourly or hidden fees.

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