Fixed Fee Divorce From £59

Fixed fee divorce is where you’ll pay a specific fee for a divorce service and work will be carried out without needing to pay any additional legal fees.

Quicke Divorce were one of the first online divorce providers to adopt fixed fees, which happened back in 2003. Since then we have helped over 100,000 people obtain a fixed fee divorce.

If you were to visit your local high-street solicitor, your divorce would more than likely be charged per hour, of somewhere between £100-£200 per hour depending on where you live in the UK.

Choosing a fixed fee divorce service will allow you understand the full costs involved with your divorce, opposed to paying more each week for correspondence and extra work.

Why Choose a Fixed Fee Divorce Service?

You Pay a One-Off Payment

You’ll always know the full costs of your divorce so there will be no nasty shocks along the way.

This service removes the unwanted and unnecessary weekly bills that solicitors could send you for emails, letters or phone calls.

No Hidden or Extra Costs

Fixed fees are increasing in popularity because they give you piece of mind from the start and remove uncessary stress because you know your finacial situation before starting your divorce and not waiting each week for a bill.

No Court Appearance

In most cases you will not be expected to attend court. Using a fixed fee divorce service should indicate that your divorce situation is amicable and therefore a court appearance would be very unlikely.

Quick & Efficient Timescales

Because of the nature of a fixed fee divorce, there should be no hick ups with your spouse responding to paperwork and other small things, which should mean that your divorce is finalised within 4-5 months.


Divorce Process for Fixed Fee Divorce

The divorce process is exactly the same whether you file yourself, you use a solicitor or indeed an online divorce service.

The 3 main stages of the divorce process will always be the same, but how your divorce process is handled when you choose a fixed fee divorce is completely different and is a more stress-free process.

It is possible to complete your divorce process within 3 months – we’ve had clients complete within 14-16 weeks this year – but not everyone can expect their divorce process to be completed so quickly, with the average divorce case taking 18-22 weeks to finalise.

We make the divorce process quicker and easier to deal with by allowing you to complete the necessary paperwork online instead of visiting our offices and taking time off work.

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Start Your Divorce Today – £59

Fixed Fee Solicitor Divorce Service – £299

Let our qualified family law solicitors handle your entire divorce for you from start-to-finish. This will save you at least £1,000 compared to using high-street solicitors.

All correspondence with the court and judge will be dealt with by your divorce solicitor, which includes your spouse and any acting solicitor they may have, this is our most comprehensive and popular divorce service.

Included with this service is full one-to-one support with one of our dedicated and experienced solicitors. All of our services are fixed fee, which mean you will not incur any additional charges like you would with a high-street solicitor.

Solicitor Divorce Service – £299