Divorce Process Explained in 4 Steps

There are 4 main steps to a divorce process in England and Wales.

On this page we will help you understand the exact procedure you’ll need to follow in order to obtain a divorce.

To complete the divorce process you will be expected to file a divorce petition and then make two more separate applications for the decree nisi and then finally the decree absolute.

Although the stages of a divorce process are the same for every divorce, the way in which it can completed is completely different when using an online divorce service.

The divorce procedure can be completed without the assistance of solicitors, which could save you over £750 on the cost of your divorce.


Step 1 – File a D8 Divorce Petition

To start your divorce process you must file a D8 divorce petition form that details out the reasons for wanting a divorce, along with the court fee of £550 attached (unless you are exempt).

The D8 divorce petition is the main document in the divorce procedure, which is why it’s essential that you complete it correctly.

This is why our Managed Divorce Service is so popular because we complete all the paperwork you’ll need to obtain a divorce, which removes all the stress from your divorce process.

Step 2 – Acknowledgement of Service

The court will now send your divorce petition to the respondent, which gives them an opportunity to say whether or not they are happy for the divorce to proceed.

If you are filing an uncontested divorce then you should be confident that your spouse would complete the paperwork and respond to the court.

If, however you are unsure if your spouse will return or acknowledge the paperwork you should call us on 01793 384 032 and find out how we can help you in that situation.


Step 3 – Decree Nisi Application

In your divorce process you'll need to make two different decree applications, this step is the first of 2 applications and it's called the decree nisi.

This is where the courts staff can see no reason to not grant you a divorce based on the reasons that you provided in your divorce petition.

Once the judge has accepted your reasons for divorce, you will be placed in the judge’s list for pronouncement of decree nisi.

Your decree nisi is now pronounced.

Step 4 – Decree Absolute Application

This is the second and final decree application you will need to make in the divorce process and it’s called the decree absolute.

After a wait of 6 weeks and 1 day you are entitled to apply for your decree absolute, which will end your marriage.

The courts at this stage will grant your application and send you your decree absolute through the post.

Once you receive this, you are officially divorced.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Complete All Required Divorce Papers I Will Need?

Yes, the main document in a divorce is the divorce petition, which we will draft for you. Along with that are the other necessary documents that are required, all completed.

You will not receive templates with parts of the forms to fill in, we complete every part of all documents, which are then ready for you to sign and post into your local county court.

What Support Is Included With This Service?

The main support with this service is the detailed guidance pack that comes with example forms and solicitor written jargon-free notes.

You will also be able to contact our team of case managers anytime throughout your process and ask for assistance, whether it’s with your paperwork for the process.

How Quickly Can I Complete My Divorce With This Service?

The average length of time this service takes is 16-18 weeks, but this is only if all instructions are followed and efficiently handled.

As the divorce will be a paperwork process as we have completed the paperwork for you, it will depend on how quickly you respond to the court with the next documents and also how efficient the courts are in dealing with your case.

How Much Money Will I Save Using This Service?

For a solicitor to help complete your divorce paperwork could cost you over £700 plus VAT. That also doesn’t include any free help or support after that.

Our service is £169 fixed fee and will support you throughout your divorce to make sure that you are able to complete your own divorce without unwanted stress or pain.

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With our Managed Divorce Service you can get a divorce in 18-20 Weeks as we manage the whole process for you.

The Managed Divorce Service provides you with complete peace of mind as our team of experienced case managers manage the whole divorce process for you.

Everything from start-to-finish is handled for you including all of the papers being completed, filing them at court and dealing with any queries from the judge.

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