Clean Break Vs Consent Order | What Do I Need?

A Decree Absolute ends a marriage but does not sever any financial ties.

This means that without a financial order one party to the divorce could come into money/assets years later which the other party could then legally claim against even after being divorced for many years.

Although a financial order is not required it’s vital. We offer a variety of financial consent orders to suit all situations.

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Many believe they do not need one…

A large proportion of divorcing couples do not believe they need a financial order.

Here is an example: The property they lived in was rented, they have no savings, investments, or pensions.

However, what they do not understand is, that if either party move on and  buy a property, invest in a pension or start saving they become at risk of their ex-spouse legally making a claim for those new assets if no financial order is made.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to understand that although a financial order may not seem relevant to your current situation it may become vital in later years.

What’s The Difference Between a Consent Order & Clean Break Order?

A Clean Break Order is suitable for couples who are getting a divorce or who are divorced and want to sever their financial ties.

A Clean Break Order is for those who do not have any assets or finances to divide but want a legally binding order which states that no future claims can be made against either party producing a clean break.

A Consent Order is very similar to a clean break order however it’s for couples who have financial assets to divide. The contents of a consent order can be agreed by both parties or if no agreement is in place they can make an application to the court and ask for them to decide how the assets should be divided.

A consent order also stops either party from making a claim against one another in the future.

Our Financial Order Services

We offer a range of financial order services to suit your needs and budget. All our financial order services will be drafted by our professional and highly qualified solicitors.

Most solicitors firms will charge over £700 + VAT for them to draft your financial settlement. Our qualified solicitors can do this from just £199 fixed fee with no hidden, extra or hourly fees. Saving you over £700 when compared to high-street solicitors.

Clean Break Order- £199

Our clean break order service is suitable for coupes who have already decided how they intend to spilt their property, assets and finances but would like them written in a legally binding order.

Financial Consent Order- £199

Our DIY financial consent order ensures that neither party after divorce can make claims for more money or assets in the future. This service doesn’t include a pension sharing order as part of the £199 fixed fee, if you want to separate pensions, business assets or multiple properties then our complex consent order is for you.

Managed Consent Order- £299

Our solicitors will manage you entire order for you from start to finish. This service is ideal for those that want to divide their assets and ensure they receive a legally binding order. This service doesn’t include a pension sharing order, business assets or multiple properties.

Complex Consent Order- £369

Our complex consent order service is suitable for couples who are looking to legally separate ALL of their assets and finances by a legally binding financial consent order.