Children & Divorce- Everything You Need To Know

Getting divorced is already a very difficult decision for a couple to make but having children together makes it even harder.

Both parents will have so many unanswered questions and worries about what will happen to their children. This article is here to help answer some of those worries and questions and help make the process that little bit easier.


There are a couple of big decisions that need to be made.

These include:

  • Who/where your child will live
  • When/where they will have contact with each parent
  • When/where they will have other types of contact including phone calls and texts.
  • If child maintenance needs to be paid and if so how much.

Once you are able to answer the questions above you will have the basics needed to move forward.


Being in Agreement

Divorce can make communications between each other difficult, however, it’s essential that you try to keep communication civil and open. This is not only for yourselves but also for your children.

The majority of couples can come to an amicable arrangement themselves but some need a little help. If your relationship is not amicable mediation may be needed. This will help you come to an agreement in a calm and fair way.

What happens if we cannot agree?

If mediation does not work then you may need help from a solicitor. You’ll need to apply for a court order before you go to court.

You may need to attend a court appointment and numerous court hearings. This can become a very lengthy and stressfull process.

They will suggest trying mediation again to try and resolve your issues.

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Emotional Well-being

Divorce can come as a shock too many children this is why is essential that you speak to them about it.

It’s important that you let them know that it’s not because of them. They need reassurance that everything will be ok and they need someone to listen to them.

As soon as you come to an agreement about what will happen, tell them. Listen to what they have to say and listen to any concerns they may have.

Even though your world can feel like it’s falling apart it’s important to make sure you stick to a routine. Routines keep your children feeling secure, and give them stability at a very difficult time.

Child Maintenance

Child maintenance is a payment made to help pay for your child’s everyday living costs. This can be used to pay for food, clothes and household costs.

Child maintenance is normally paid by the parent that does not live with the child daily to the other parent.

It can be a difficult topic to speak about but its essential you do. This money helps give your child the best start to life and ensures that their needs are met.

The majority of parents come to an agreement themselves; this saves time, money and stress. You are able to use the Gov child maintenance calculator to estimate the right amount of money to pay.

If you are unable to come to an agreement then you are able to apply for the Government’s statutory child maintenance service.

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Consent orders

A consent order is an order made by the court. Without a consent order, no agreements are legally binding. A consent order can include child maintenance, it can state how much and how often child maintenance payments are to be made and how long these payments have to be paid for.

A consent order can be enforced in court if either party does not keep up with what’s been agreed.

Our qualified solicitors can help draft and sign your consent order for just £139.

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Typical Misconceptions

Children always live with their mum.

This is not true; many children have lived with their mother or father or shared care completely. Its all depended on the current circumstances and what’s best for you and your children.

I will only get to see my child on alternate weekends.

This is not true; an arrangement will be made that suit both parents’ needs. Many parents come up with an agreement together resulting in an amicable schedule.

You automatically have parental responsibility.

Fathers only have parental responsibility if:

  • They were married to the mother at the time the child was born.
  • He is named as the father on the child birth certificate from the 1st December 2003.
  • He’s entered into a Parental Responsibility Agreement.
  • Ordered by the court.

Yes, the main document in a divorce is the divorce petition, which we will draft for you.

You will not receive templates with parts of the forms to fill in; we complete every part of all the documents so they are ready for you to sign and post into your local county court to start proceedings.

The main support with this service is the detailed guidance pack that comes with example forms and solicitor written jargon-free notes.

You will also be able to contact our team of case managers anytime throughout your process and ask for assistance, whether it’s with your paperwork for the process.

The honest answer is nothing. You are entitled to file your own divorce without any help, but doing so can cause stress, extra pain and indeed extra costs if paperwork isn’t completed correctly.

You could be asked to pay fees up to £120 if errors are made on your divorce documents. We guarantee for £59 that your divorce papers will be completed correctly and sent to you within 24 hours.

The average length of time this service takes is 18-20 weeks, but this is only if all instructions are followed and efficiently handled.

As the divorce process you follow will be a paperwork process, it will depend on how quickly you respond to the court with the next documents and also how efficient the courts are in dealing with your case.

There are no hidden costs involved with any of our services. We clearly display the cost of our services including what you will be expected to pay by the court.

The court fees are your only additional cost and you may be exempt from paying these if you are on a low-income or receive certain benefits.

Obtaining a Divorce with Quicke Divorce

Providing that your case is uncontested, it should take between 16-20 months. However, because a divorce is a legal process complication can arise during the proceedings, which can affect the timescales given.

We encourage our clients to get quotes from local solicitors because we know that once they are quoted £1,000 + VAT for a simple divorce they will come back to us to handle their divorce for an affordable and fixed fee of £169 including VAT.

If you believe your divorce situation to be uncomplicated and your spouse is likely to agree, we can help you obtain a quick, easy and affordable divorce.

Managed Divorce Service – £169