How to Start Your Online Divorce

To qualify for divorce you have to have been married for at least 12 months and one party to the divorce must live in England & Wales or still see England or Wales as their permanent home if living abroad.

In order to process your divorce you will need to ensure that one of the following 5 grounds for divorce fit your situation:

  1. Adultery
  2. Desertion
  3. Unreasonable Behaviour
  4. Separation of 2 years with consent of both parties
  5. Separation of 5 years and no consent is required


The 4 Stages To Divorce

There are 4 stages to the divorce process which are as follows:

1. Find a valid ground for divorce to use.
2. File a D8 Divorce petition with the courts
3. Apply for a decree nisi
4. Apply for a decree absolute

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The Process

Below details the process of how our divorce services work:


  • User Pays
  • User accesses online account
  • User completes a set of questions tailored to them
  • Documents are produced
  • Case manager edits and checks documents
  • User is sent documents to sign
  • Case manger processes divorce
  • User tracks prgress online


If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01793 384 032,one of our divorce advisors will be more than happy to help.

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