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The following information will help you decide whether or not an Online Divorce is suitable for your situation.

Since 2003, QuickeDivorce and our experienced legal team have helped over 150,000 couples obtain a cheaper, quicker and more efficient divorce than by using traditional high street solicitors.

We believe that by using technology we can provide you with a cheaper, yet as good, if not better quality of service than you will find on the high street.

Most people turn to an online divorce because they do not want to spend thousands of pounds on divorce lawyers when everything is agreed and just want to move on with their life.

We can help people of all situations and circumstances, including couples with children, assets within the marriage or even if you are unsure of where your spouse lives. We also help thousands of couples each year get a divorce when one party lives outside of the UK.

Use our quick and simple tool below, by answering the 5 simple questions to see if you can get an online divorce and which service will be the most suitable for your situation.

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Do I Qualify For a Divorce in England and Wales?

To see if you and your spouse can save time & money by using one of our services, simply answer the following questions.

Answer the questions to your left to find out if you qualify for a divorce.

Does your Spouse agree or are they likely to agree to a divorce?
Have you been married for at least 12 months?
Do you or your spouse consider England or Wales to be your permanent home?
Does one of the following five facts used to obtain a divorce apply to you?
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • 2 Years Separation (With Consent of Both Parties)
  • Desertion (Rare)
  • 5 Years Separation
  • Adultery


You Can Get Divorced using any of our Straight forward and Comprehensive Divorce Services.

You can now save yourself time, money and stress by using one of our wide range of Divorce Services. We provide several services, from our DIY Divorce Service to our Managed Divorce Service which takes alot of the stress, worry and any delays out of the process by letting our Team of Divorce Experts and experienced Case managers do everything for you. We pride ourselves on providing our Clients with first rate customer support.

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It may still be possible for you to get Divorced Using One of our Services.

Give one of our Divorce Experts a Call as we may still be able to help you get Divorced, also it may be that you are applicable to use one of our Divorce services.

Either way we are confident that in any situation our Divorce experts can provide you with excellent advice.

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