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A separation agreement is a contractual agreement that allows married couples to finalise their financial agreements whilst separated.

Our separation agreements are drawn up by highly qualified law solicitors with many years of experience. They will manage your separation agreement from start- finish for one fixed fee with no hourly or hidden charges.

You can be sure your separation agreement will be drafted correctly, giving you peace of mind if your agreement ever needed to go through court.

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What’s the purpose of a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is for married couples, separated couple or civil partnerships who are not yet ready to divorce but are wanting the division of finances, assets and children finalised and written in a legally binding contract.

If one party does not keep to the revisions in the contract then they can be taken to court.

When a couple split there is always doubt on both parties, will they keep paying what they have said they will? What happens if they don’t? This agreement removes any worry and doubts from your mind. It ensures you keep to what is in the contract, if you don’t legal action can be taken.

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How Much Does It Cost?

With our Fixed Fee Separation Agreement Service you know exactly what you are going to pay in total and what you are going to receive in return. We offer so much more than a high-street solicitor service, but for a fraction of the cost.

This service will typically save you over £750 on the cost of your divorce when compared to using a local solicitors firm.

Separation Agreement Service

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What Can Be Inculded In A Seperation Agreement?

The division of payment in respect of the mortgage, rent or household bills.

Example: Party 1 will pay £500pm to Party 2 in regards to rent and household bills for the next year.


Example: Our loan from X Bank will be paid off outright by Party 2 on the 2nd of March 2019

Joint Bank Accounts

Example: Our 2 joint bank accounts with X bank will be split 60/40 in favor of party 1.

Division of Personal Property

Example: Party 1 will keep all personal propery accumulated over the 10 years of our marraige, this includes the cd collection, their car and photography.


Example: Spouse 1 will pay to Spouse 2 the amount of £500 each and every month for child maintenance.

Child Care Arrangements

Example: Spouse 1 will will have child x on monday-wednesday every other week.

Where Each Party Will Live

Example: Spouse 1 will rent a propety and spouse 2 will live in family home untill they are able to sell the property.

There are many other things that can be covered in a separation agreement, these are just a few examples

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Is a Separation Agreement Legally Binding?

A separation agreement is a contract rather than a court order. It is only a legal document if created by a qualified legal professional.

A separation agreement can be taken to court if either party does not adhere to their contract.

If your agreement is taken to court and your agreement is not written correctly you will stand no chance in challenging it. This is why it is so important to get it done correctly and professionally.

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What are the benefits of a Separation Agreement?

    1. A separation agreement is very flexible, each agreement is personalised to the individual.
    2. You know exactly where you stand once separated, it rules out any worries or doubts.
    3. It takes the stress away from separation and gives you clarity on the situation.
    4. The agreement can be drawn up quickly providing both parties are in agreement.

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Do I need a Separation Agreement?

A Separation Agreement is recommended if:

  • You are wanting to get divorced or end a civil partnership
  • If you are trailing a separation where you will no longer live with your spouse, but have no plans to get divorced.
  • If you are separated from your spouse, but you are either unable to get divorced, do not wish to get divorced, or are planning on getting a divorce

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Don’t Break the Bank, Save over £750

With our one-off Fixed Fee Separation Agreement Service you will save over £750 compared to using a high-street solicitor.

With high-street Solicitors the price normally quickly adds up with additional hourly fees and various hidden charges.

With our Separation Agreement Service you know exactly what you are going to pay in total and the service you will receive in return.

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