Prenuptial Agreement Service

We understand that a Prenuptial Agreement isn’t always an easy thing to discuss, this is why we make the process quick and easy to limit the amount of stress put onto your relationship.

Highly Qualified Solicitors with many years of experience will draft your Prenuptial Agreement. They will draft your agreement and have it sent out to you within 28-31 working days.

You will receive free phone and email support from start-finish to eliminate any worries you may have.

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What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement made by a couple before they get married. It outlines what will happen to their assets and finances if they were to ever get a divorce.

This service has been refined over the past 15 years to make it a quick, easy and stress-free process.

It’s essential that both parties are as open and honest about their current financial situation when the agreement is signed.

Order Online Today – £299

How much does this service cost?

Our Prenuptial Agreement Service costs just £199 fixed fee – No hidden or extra charges!

This service will typically save you over £750 on the cost of your prenuptial agreement when compared to using a local solicitors firm.

Prenuptial Agreement Service

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What is covered in a Prenuptial Agreement?


Any property that you own or family property that you wish to say within the family can be included in your agreement.


If you have a pension that you have built up over the years then you can included this in your agreement to protect yourself in the future.

Savings & Investments

Any saving and investments that you have accumulated before you marriage can be included.

Other Assets

If you have any other assets that you want to protect then they can also be included in your prenuptial agreement.

Provisions for children from previous relationships

If you have children from a previous relationship you can ensure that they inherit some of your property/assets.

Do I need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Are you looking to get married but don’t want to be at risk of losing what you have worked so hard to achieve if your marriage was to end?

If you answered yes to the previous question then a prenuptial agreement is for you.

If you would like some more information or to talk to one of our family law specialists then please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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How do I get one?

  • We will draft up your prenuptial agreement based on the information you provide us.
  • As long as both parties are in agreement then the process will be straight-forward.
  • Once the papers have been drafted we will send them to you in the post along with instructions on how to sign your agreement.
  • We provide a fast and efficient service, usually completed within 28-31 working days.
  • You will receive excellent customer service, with queries and updates provided instantly.

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Yes, we file all divorce documents efficiently and at the correct times so that we process your divorce as quickly as possible, in turn obtaining you your decree absolute.

We file for your decree absolute as soon as we can, which is 6 weeks after the decree nisi has been pronounced by a judge.

This period was designed for discussions over assets, finances and child arrangements.

The Managed Divorce Service is suitable for couples that are looking to get an affordable divorce without having to do any of the stressful or long-winded work involved.

If parties are in agreement, you know which ground for divorce you intend to use and you are looking to save money compared to solicitors then this service is perfect.

All services provided by QuickeDivorce are fixed fee, which means the total cost for us to manage your entire divorce case is £169.

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This service only deals with the break up of your marriage, it does not include a financial order whereby your financial settlement becomes legally binding.

If you are looking for our team to manage your entire divorce process and obtain you a consent order after divorce to divide your assets and finances, then you will need our Managed Divorce & Clean Break Service for £269.

There are no hidden costs involved with any of our services. We clearly display the cost of our services including what you will be expected to pay by the court.

The court fees are your only additional cost and you may be exempt from paying these if you are on a low-income or receive certain benefits.