Family Law Services

Family Law Services That Save You Time and Money Compared to High-Street Solicitors.

We have been dealing with family law cases for many years and are very experienced in helping you obtain a legally binding agreement. We can ensure you that any agreement made by us will be drafted by qualified professionals.

We will manage your agreement from start-finish ensuring that you receive constant support making the process quick and easy.

Separation Agreement Service– £299

Our Separation Agreement Service is dealt with by our Qualified and Experienced Family Law Solicitors.

  • We will complete all the paperwork for you based on the information you provide us.
  • You will receive free email and phone support throughout the process.
  • We will provide you instructions on how to sign your agreement and make it legal.
  • Your agreement will be drafted by solicitors with over 10 years of experience.

You can be sure that your separation agreement will be drafted correctly and be accepted in court if legal action ever needed to be taken.

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Cohabitation Agreement Service– £299

A Cohabitation Agreement is for those couples who are wanting their finances and assets written up into an agreement to protect themselves in the event of a relationship break down.

  • Our Family Law Solicitors will draft your Cohabitation Agreement based on the understanding you have reached.
  • We will send you a draft for you to check over.
  • Subject to any changes you will receive your agreement within 7 days.
  • You will receive instructions on how to put your separation agreement into legal effect.

This Service can be drawn up quickly providing both parties are in agreement. We could save you over £750 compared to high street solicitors.

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Prenuptial Agreement Service– £299

Let our fully qualified solicitors handle your Prenuptial Agreement for you from start-to-finish. This will save you at least £750 compared to high street solicitors.

    • A Prenuptial Agreement is basically an insurance policy, it protects you and your assets when entering into a marriage.
    • They give you certainty about what could happen to your finances in the event of a divorce.
    • If you own your own home, car or other expensive assets like a pension then they could all be at risk if your marriage was to break down.

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We are the only online divorce company that are approved by the Buy With Confidence Scheme in association with Trading Standards

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The quickest divorce service QuickeDivorce provide is the Managed Divorce for £169.

This service is quicker for many reasons, but the main reasons are because we are efficient in filing every application at the correct time and we use a dedicated court that process our cases quicker than most other places.

On average this service can be completed within 14 weeks, well under half the national average of 33 weeks!

We understand that some people will be sceptical about using an online divorce service opposed to the traditional way of using high street solicitors. We have helped over 150,000 couples achieve a quicker, cheaper and all round more amicable divorce since 2000.

We are part of the “Buy with confidence” scheme through Trading Standards to give our customers that added security when they purchase from us. An online divorce is 100% legal and was created to save people spending thousands on their divorce when really it is unnecessary if things are amicable.

If you and your spouse have agreed to the divorce and you are looking to keep things amicable, then yes an online divorce will be perfect for you.

You can use an online divorce if you have children, finances or property to split and if you are unsure on what grounds to base your divorce upon.

If you are unsure whether an online divorce is suitable for you, please call us on 01793 384 032 for a free consultation from our friendly divorce experts.

Using QuickeDivorce to get divorced makes things very simple and straightforward and doesn’t require much from you. You will need your marriage certificate or a copy of it translated into English if it isn’t currently.

Apart from that you will only need to give a few minutes of your time to provide us with the information we need.

You will not need to attend court in person or deal with any correspondence with them when QuickeDivorce manage your divorce for you.

There are no hidden costs involved with any of our services. We clearly display the cost of our services including what you will be expected to pay by the court.

The court fees are your only additional cost and you may be exempt from paying these if you are on a low-income or receive certain benefits.