Solicitor Divorce & Clean Break Order Service

We manage all aspects of your divorce and clean break order from start-to-finish for £449 fixed fee, which includes the drafting and filing of all paperwork.

Using a Solicitor Divorce & Clean Break Order service will allow you to sit back,relax and have your entire divorce and clean break order dealt with by a qualified and highly experienced solicitor.

You will be given a dedicated solicitor who will deal with your entire divorce and clean break order from start-finish. They will represent you in all dealings with the court and any third parties.

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Everything Is Completed & Filed For You

Your dedicated solicitor will handle your entire divorce. They draft, check and file all required divorce and financial documents so that you don’t have to worry.

This service will completely end your marriage and any financial ties that you may have. This service is perfect if you want a solicitor to handle your divorce and everything involved. You can take a back seat and know that your divorce and clean break order are in the best possible hands.

This service costs just £449 fixed fee, no hidden charges. This can save you over £1000 compared to your local high street solicitor.

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How much does this service cost?

Our Solicitor Divorce & Clean Break Order Service Costs £449, which is over half the price of a high-street solicitors (typically £1,200 + VAT).

We will handle everything for you and keep you updated throughout the whole process. You will have a personal login to sign into our online portal where your solicitor will send updates and information on your divorce.

This service will typically save you over £1,000 on the cost of your divorce when compared to using a local solicitors firm.

There are mandatory court fees of £600 payable directly to the court, but you may be exempt if you are on a low income or certain benefits. Please call us for free consultation on 01793 384 032.

Solicitor Divorce & Clean Break Order

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How does this service work?

This service covers every aspect of your divorce. This service will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your divorce and clean break order is in the best possible hands. The whole process can seem a little daunting so here is a break down of exactly what will happen:

Step 1 - Complete our simple online order form and make the one-off payment of £449.

Once you have purchased this service your solicitor will be assigned to you, they will then send you a simple questionnaire to fill out.

Step 2 - Receive a client care letter by email from our solicitors with all their contact details.

You will have free email and phone support throughout the process. You will have the direct contact number for your dedicated solicitor this means you are able to call or email them directly if you ever have any questions.

Step 3 - Receive legal advice from your solicitor to ensure you're achieving a fair settlement.

Your solicitor will explain every step the way. They will ensure that the settlement you receive is fair on both parties ensuring that everything has been covered.

Step 4 - Your solicitor will then draft your divorce documents, before asking to hear the details of your clean break order.

Our solicitors are highly qualified and have many years of experience. This ensures that your documents are drafted professionally and correctly.

Step 5 - Communicate with your solicitor via phone, email and Skype throughout the process, meaning no speaking to receptionists or visiting our offices is necessary.

This saves you money, time and stress. You will never have to pay for travel expenses or take time out of your day to visit your solicitor; a simple phone call or message will provide you will everything you need.

Why do I need a clean break order with my divorce?

clean break order is a legally binding court order that prevents any future claims against each other after the divorce is completed.

A clean break order is a vital element in divorce. It confirms agreements that have been made in regards to your money and assests and allows you to take legal action if needed.

It provides you with peace of mind knowing that all financial ties have been cut and an understanding has been reached. If a clean break order is not created then you will be tied to your ex for many years to come.

Our solicitors will draft, check and send out your agreement for both parties to sign. They will ensure the agreement is fair on both parties and submit it to court to be processed.

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Why Choose this Service?

  • This service is the easiest and most cost-effective way to have your divorce dealt with whilst also obtaining a legally binding clean break order for just £449.00. Saving you over £1000.
  • Free telephone and email support provided throughout the process.
  • All documents will be drafted, check and filed to the court for you.
  • All correspondence with the court or any third parties will be dealt with for you.
  • We have helped over 150,000 couples get a cheaper, quicker and more stress-free divorce and clean break order since 2003.

Start Your Divorce Now – £449

Yes you can. If you see England or Wales are your permanent home or if one party in the divorce still lives in the UK.

It would be best to contact us either through live chat, email or telephone on 01793 384 032, so we can discuss the process you will need to take and your divorce services options.

You will pay £269 upfront for your divorce and clean break order to be managed and obtained for you, which is our service fee.

You will then have to pay £600 for court-filing fees (if you are not exempt from paying these). £550 is for the court to process your divorce, you will then be asked to pay £50 to obtain the clean break order.

This service includes a clean break order, which is a legally binding court order that will protect your assets and prevent any future claims agaisnt either party after the divorce.

You can include things such as division of property, maintenance, savings and debt in your consent order.

Yes, with this service we deal with both parties, which removes the need for separate representastion. It will also reduce the amount of acrimony as there will be no opposing party leaning in a different direction.

As we deal with both parties, you only need to pay the service fee of £269 once, which is between both parties.

There is no definitive timescale for a divorce to complete within, but realistically between 18-20 weeks is the average time.

This of course does depend on the efficiency of you, your spouse and the court returning the relevant paperwork when necessary, which is why it’s so hard putting an accurate timeframe on your divorce.