Managed Divorce Service – £169

We understand that any divorce is going to be stressful and painful, which is why this service was created. Our Managed Divorce Service takes the stress out of your divorce process as we deal with everything on your behalf.

We handle all aspects of your divorce including the drafting and filing of all divorce documents with the courts, as well as any communication between the court, your spouse or any opposing solicitors.

You will be able to track the progress of your divorce case on your personal online account, which will be constantly updated with important information.

This service typically takes between 16-18 weeks to complete on average from start-to-finish, which is under half the national average and over 10 weeks quicker than most high street solicitors.

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Everything Is Fully Managed For You

Handling your own divorce is time consuming, confusing and sometimes very costly, which is why you should let our divorce experts handle everything for you.

This service has been refined over the past 15 years to help ease the stress and pain caused by a divorce, mainly through completing your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst keeping you updated.

When we say everything is managed for you, we mean everything. Your personal case manger does the drafting and filing of all required documents for you.

This service costs just £169 fixed fee and can be completed within 18 weeks, whilst saving you over £750 compared to using solicitors.

Order Online Today – £169

How much does this service cost?

Our Managed Divorce Service costs just £169 fixed fee – No hidden or extra charges!

There really isn’t a more straightforward and simple way to get a divorce. Everything is handled for you, leaving you to carry on with your life whilst we deal with your divorce.

This service will typically save you over £750 on the cost of your divorce when compared to using a local solicitors firm.

*Please Note: There are mandatory court fees of £550 payable directly to the court, but you may be exempt if you are on a low income or certain benefits, call us on 01793 384 032 for free advice.

Managed Divorce Service


Total Price

Court Fees*






What Does This Service Include?

Draft all required divorce documents to complete your divorce

The documents that need to be drafted are complex and confusing, any mistake in these will delay the whole divorce process. Your dedicated case manager will carefully draft and check your documents before they are passed on to our Paralegals team to be checked again before being filed with the courts.

The filing of each application to the court on your behalf

With this service there is no need to take days off work going to court or meeting staff as we take care of everything for you. We file each of the required applications from start-to-finish.

Keep you up-to-date with your divorce Process, every step of the way

Our team of divorce experts will pro-actively keep you updated throughout the divorce process. They will provide you with clear and easy to understand updates by e-mail, text message or telephone.

Full support from our dedicated customer care team

With each of our managed services you will receive priority support from your decicated case manager. You can contact us via your online divorce tracker, e-mail, Live Chat or simply by giving us a call.

Save you over £1000 compared to using a high-street solicitor

You get all of the benefits that you would normally get from a solicitor with our Managed Divorce Service but none of the costs. There are no hidden or additional costs that you would certainly get when using a normal high-street solicitor.

Why Choose a Managed Divorce Service?

The Managed Divorce Service is our most popular and recommended divorce service amongst our 100,000+ clients.

If saving you over £750 on the cost of your divorce is not enough reason to choose this service, see why else you should;

  • One off fixed fee payment of £169 with no hourly and hidden charges.
  • Fast and efficient service, usually completed within 16 – 20 weeks.
  • Excellent customer service, with queries and updates provided instantly.
  • Dedicated case manager handling your case, who is directly contactable.
  • No complicated forms to complete or file, saving you time and stress.
  • 24/7 Online case tracker for instant updates and messages on your case.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why our customers choose to use our Managed Divorce Service. Start your divorce today for just £169 and complete our simple online checkout.

Order Online Now – £169

Track your Divorce Online 24/7

You will be provdied with secure access to our industry leading online case management system, which gives you access to see the progress of your case.

The online case tracker is used to gather the necessary information we need from you to complete your divorce paperwork and process along with updating you with important milestones.

Being able to check for updates online makes it much quickier and easier for busy people to keep updated without needing to spend time calling or emailing their case manager.

Interact with your case manager via the case tracker, where you can receive instant responses to any questions or queries regarding your case.

Start Your Divorce Now – £169

Yes, we file all divorce documents efficiently and at the correct times so that we process your divorce as quickly as possible, in turn obtaining you your decree absolute.

We file for your decree absolute as soon as we can, which is 6 weeks after the decree nisi has been pronounced by a judge.

This period was designed for discussions over assets, finances and child arrangements.

The Managed Divorce Service is suitable for couples that are looking to get an affordable divorce without having to do any of the stressful or long-winded work involved.

If parties are in agreement, you know which ground for divorce you intend to use and you are looking to save money compared to solicitors then this service is perfect.

All services provided by QuickeDivorce are fixed fee, which means the total cost for us to manage your entire divorce case is £169.

Attached to every divorce filed in England and Wales are mandatory court-filing fees of £550, which are paid when filing your divorce papers unless you are on certain benefits or a low income.

Please call us on 01793 384 029 for free information on court fee exemption.

This service only deals with the break up of your marriage, it does not include a financial order whereby your financial settlement becomes legally binding.

If you are looking for our team to manage your entire divorce process and obtain you a consent order after divorce to divide your assets and finances, then you will need our Managed Divorce & Clean Break Service for £269.

There are no hidden costs involved with any of our services. We clearly display the cost of our services including what you will be expected to pay by the court.

The court fees are your only additional cost and you may be exempt from paying these if you are on a low-income or receive certain benefits.