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A consent order is a legally binding court order that shows how a divorcing couple intend to divide any assets and finances they hold within their marriage.

Obtaining a consent order is the only way that you can prevent your ex-partner claiming against you, even after several years of being divorced.

It is worth obtaining a consent order even if you feel you have little or unsubstantial assets, because if your financial situation was to improve you could be claimed against.

Most solicitors firms will charge over £700 + VAT for them to draft your agreed financial settlement. Our qualified solicitors can do this for just £139 fixed fee with no hidden, extra or hourly fees.

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What can be included in a consent order?

Obtaining a consent order through court is the only way divorcing parties can ensure that any agreement reached is legally enforceable, but what can actually be put into a consent order?

Consent orders can include details on how you intend to fairly separate assets such as;

  • Money
  • Property
  • Savings & Investments
  • Pension sharing
  • Maintenance (child & spousal)

A common consent order would include a clause to sell the matrimonial home and split pensions so that both parties obtain a fair split of held assets.

A typical question that could be asked before entering into a consent order could be as follows; Will the family home be sold and the proceeds divided, or that the property will be transferred into one of the parties names?

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How much does a consent order cost?

Our Financial Consent Order Service Costs Just £139 - No Hourly or Hidden Costs!

There is absolutely no need to spend £1,000 having a high-street solicitor obtain you a consent order. Our qualified solicitors can help you for just £139 fixed fee and within 31 working days.

There are mandatory court fees of £50 payable directly to the court, but you may be exempt if you are on a low income or certain benefits. Please call us for free consultation on 01793 384 032.

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Why choose our Consent Order Service?

Fast Turnaround

Most consent orders that are drafted by our solicitors are completed within 31 working days. This includes the drafting of the consent order and making any amendments that are required.

Individually Drafted by a Qualified Solicitor

Each consent order that we process is individually drafted by qualified solicitors to reflect your financial split. Unlike most other online providers, the consent orders we draft are not template orders and cannot be found on Google.

Straightforward Process

You will be able to obtain the consent order from home or work through email, telephone and post. The consent order you receive will be ready to sign and send into court, which you can do so by following the guide we supply you with.

No Need to Attend Court

There will be no need to personally attend a court hearing as all of the documents can be posted directly to the court on your behalf by one of our experienced solicitors, who have over 15 year experience of dealing with the courts.

Save over £750

By choosing our consent order service you can save over £750 on the cost of obtaing a consent order. Spending £700 + VAT for a high-street solicitor to draft your consent order is uunnecessary, we provide a better and more efficient online service for £139 fixed fee including VAT.

What information will both parties need to provide?

Both parties will need to complete a statement of information form, which consists of your current income, any capital you have, and property and pension values.

You will need to make sure that the statement of truth that you complete is accurate and honest as without honest records the consent order could be become void.

To obtain a consent order through court full consent is required as well as open and honest financial records.

The idea of getting a consent order is to amicably divide your assets within the marriage in a fair and honest way.

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What's Included with this service?

Find out some of the many benefits you would receive by choosing to use our consent order service for just £139.

  • The drafting of the bespoke financial consent order documents.
  • Any required amendments to the consent order are included.
  • Guidance and advice on how to file the consent order.
  • No extra charges for pension sharing or other orders to be made.
  • No limit on the amount of clauses you wish to include in your financial order.

Most online solicitors charge over £700 + VAT for a basic consent order without pension sharing and other orders being made within it.

You could save over 50% of the costs by using this service, but also include orders such as pension sharing as we don’t limit or restrict what you can include for the fixed fee of £139.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it usually take?

Once you have purchased the service and provided us with the relevant information, it usually takes no longer than 31 working days for the solicitor to prepare your draft cosent order paperwork. to have your consent order individually drafted.

What information do we need to provide?

Both parties are required to complete a statement of information form that consists of your current income, any capital you have, and property and pension values.

What can be included?

You can include things such as division of property, savings, investments, pensions, business assets and child and spousal maintenance.

If you would like to speak with an advisor about your formal agreed financial settlement, please call us on 01793 384 032.

Do both parties need to agree upon the settlement?

Yes, both parties will need to be in agreement with the financial settlement, as the name suggests, full consent from both parties is required.

The consent order will also require a signature and open disclosure of assets from both parties.