Managed Consent Order Service- £299

Our managed consent order service is suitable for couples who are looking to legally separate ALL of their assets and finances by a legally binding financial consent order.

Your complex consent order will be dealt with by one of our solicitors who will tailor the order to your individual circumstances.


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Managed Consent Order Service

Your financial consent order will be managed by one of our qualified solicitors. They will draft your agreement and file your consent order with the court. They will manage your whole agreement from start to finish.

The only way you can obtain a legally binding consent order is by having a solicitor draft your agreement. This service enables you to receive a legally binding order at a fraction of the cost.

Divorcing you spouse will end you marriage but not your financial tis. This is why a consent order is vital.

Who is this service suitable for?

Our managed consent order is ideal for couples who want to include any of the below as part of their financial agreement:

✔ The division of pensions (pensions sharing order)

✔ Property portfolios

✔ Business assets

✔ Sale or transfer of property

✔ Personal belonging

✔ Lump-sum payments

✔ Child/Spousal maintenance

✔ Debt provision

Who is this service NOT suitable for?

Our managed consent order service does not include the following to be included in your financial agreement:

✖ Divide pensions
✖ Business assets
✖ Savings

If you would like to include any of the above in your agreement you will need to view our Complex Consent Order Service

How does this service work?

To be able to use this service:

  • Both parties must be in agreement
  • Both parties must provide details on their income and assets.

The process:

    1. Complete our simple online order form.
    2. Complete a quick & simple online questionnaire – so that we can obtain your details.
    3. Sign the necessary paperwork we send you – we will show you where it needs to be signed.
    4. Return the signed consent order paperwork back to us.
    5. We will file the consent order with the courts on your behalf and keep you updated throughout.

Court fees are currently £50.00 to apply for a consent order. However, you may be exempt from paying court fees if you earn on a low income or benefits.

Why use Quicke Divorce’s Managed Consent Order?

  • Your agreement will be drafted by a qualified and experienced solicitor.
  • One-Off Fixed Fees – No Hidden Costs
  • No court apperenc is nessasery, we will handle all the forms for you.
  • Professional support throughout
  • Your agreement will take around 31 working days from start-finish
  • Free phone and email support whenever needed

Consent orders can seem rather confusing which is why it’s extremely important to get professional advice. Especially if you require the division of pensions, lump sums etc.

Our solicitors are highly qualified and have dealt with thousands of consent orders. Every consent order is different which is why our solicitors pride themselves on tailoring your consent order to your exact requirements.

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