Where can I get a D8 divorce petition form from?

By November 15, 2017
Divorce Petition Form

How & where to obtain a D8 divorce petition

The first stage of filing for divorce starts with filing a D8 divorce petition form. This initiates the divorce process and is the first official document you need to send to your local court.

So, the first question on your mind will be where do I find one? And how do I do it?

Where can you get a D8 divorce petition form from?

You can obtain a D8 divorce form from 2 places; either your local county court office or online at the Gov.uk website.

To access the D8 divorce petition form online you simply have to open, download or print the pdf document.

If you open the document appose to downloading it be aware that once you have directly edited it you will not be able to save it so you will need to print it immediately.

It’s always best to download or print the divorce application form to reduce the risk of you losing anything you have/will edit.

Filling out a D8 petition form

Anyone can fill out and file a D8 divorce petition, however, if you are not familiar with legal documents and the basic laws involved with divorce then its best to seek legal advice.

If you are filing for divorce yourself it’s extremely important to take your time when filling out a D8 divorce petition form. Any mistakes can be extremely costly.

If any errors are found on the form when its sent off to be assessed then they will reject the petition and you will then have to pay a further £120 amendment fee on top of the initial £550 filing fee.

It’s also very important to note that the judge will stop at the first mistake and will not pick up any further mistakes. This could result in you re-sending it and then having to pay another £120 for a further mistake.

So please make sure you check every aspect of the form to ensure you have made no costly errors.

To avoid the stress and responsibility of filing your divorce petition yourself there are firms out there that assist you and check all documentation without the massive fees.

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