What is a Consent Order & Can I File It Myself?

By February 8, 2019

What is a Consent Order & Who Can File One?

A consent order is an order that is drawn up by a solicitor based on what a divorcing couple has agreed upon.

A consent order can only be applied for once the decree nisi has been granted.

The consent order agreement explains how you will divide assets such as money, property, belongings and investments once divorced. It can also include any spousal or child maintenance payments.

The purpose of a consent order is to completely end any joint finances and provide you with a clean break.

The majority of couples are able to come to an agreement themselves but others need extra help.

Why do you need a consent order?

It’s always recommended to obtain a consent order once you have divorced and in some cases it’s necessary.

You will have to obtain a consent order if you need to sell or transfer property and if you wish to share your pensions.

Without a consent order, your ex-spouse could still claim for more money or assets many years after you have divorced. This is one of the main reason couples enter a consent order.

Another reason why many couples enter a consent order is to ensure maintenance is paid when it should if it’s not the order can be enforced.

One of the biggest benefits of a consent order is to ensure that all financial ties are severed. Divorce will completely end your marriage but without a consent order, you will be tied financially for many years to come.

Who can file a consent order?

A consent order has to be drafted by an experienced legal professional to be legally binding.

Many people believe they are able to draft up their own agreement, however; a consent order has to be drawn up in a specific way and follow specific rules to be accepted by the court. This means that unless you are an experienced legal professional you cannot draw up your own agreement.

How can Quicke Divorce help?

We offer a fixed fee consent order service at just £199. Our highly qualified and experienced solicitors will draft your financial consent order.

They will draft your agreement based on the information you provide us and will have it completed within 31 working days of purchase.

We also offer a managed divorce with consent order and a solicitor managed divorce with consent order service. Both these services will handle your entire divorce and finances providing you with a clean break from your spouse. These services start at just £269.

Contact one of our advisors today on 01793 384 032 to find out more or answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can use our live chat facility below.


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