Is legal aid still available for a divorce in England in 2015?

By March 11, 2015

Is legal aid still available for a divorce in England in 2015?

In April 2013, the coalition government removed legal aid for most private family law and divorce cases.

The only cases where legal aid of any type may be available is where there has been proven domestic violence and also for mediation.

The government believes that cases where the parties are in dispute about their children or finances, should have the opportunity to attend mediation, to hopefully resolve any disputes without the need for the case to even get to court.

Prior to April 2013, couples who wanted a divorce, and did not anything to dispute could get a form of legal aid known as “legal help”. This allowed them to have their divorce dealt with by Solicitors for free, and mainly assisted people on very low incomes or benefits. With the withdrawal of this type of legal aid, low income people have two choices, they can either do it themselves completely or search online for online divorce providers who will be able to complete the forms for them.

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