Quick Divorce – Is it possible and how do I get one?

By September 21, 2015

What does a quick divorce actually look like

Once a couple have decided there is no way back, getting a quick divorce is always the ideal resolution that most amicable couples are looking for.

But what is a realistic timeframe to achieve this and what can you do to help speed up the divorce process?

Lets start with the national average timeframe for an uncontested divorce in 2015, which was 33 weeks, up several weeks from previous years.

How to speed up getting a divorce;

  • Agree with your spouse the reasons for divorce.
  • Agree upon how to divide any simple finances.
  • Agree how any children will be looked after (If you have any).
  • Find the most suitable divorce service for you.
  • Have your marriage certificate available (must be in English)
  • Find out whether you need to pay the court fees or if you are exempt.

If you can achieve the majority of the points above before deciding to file for divorce you should be in a good position to get a quick resolution to your divorce.

The quickest and easiest way to get a divorce in England or Wales is to have it entirely managed for you by a team of experienced case managers from start-to-finish.

Why being amicable can speed up the divorce process

It seems obvious that being amicable and on speaking terms would help get a quick divorce, but divorce law isn’t as black and white as that and usually won’t make your divorce finalise any quicker just because you agree to the divorce.

Being amicable and speaking can make the divorce process quicker by making sure both parties are signing and returning the necessary divorce papers back to the court without delays.

Make sure you have your marriage certificate or a copy of it

If you married outside of the UK and your marriage certificate is not in English, you will need to get this translated into English before being able to file for divorce.

It is always advisable when looking to get a quick divorce that you make sure you have your marriage certificate or have ordered a replacement, so that you are ready to provide the required information needed to file for divorce without delays.

How long should a quick divorce take?

As we have mentioned, how long a divorce takes to complete varies from case to case but, if your divorce is amicable and straightforward you should be able to get a divorce within 3-5 months on average.

The divorce process in England and Wales has a cooling off period of 6 weeks between receiving your decree nisi and being able to apply for your decree absolute, which is mandatory and applies to all divorce cases that are filed.

The timescales given are guidelines only and all divorce cases take different lengths of time due to all divorce petitions and circumstances being different.

Choosing how to handle your divorce process

This is where the timeframes of a divorce can either become quicker or take that bit longer.

If you chose to use an online divorce company like QuickeDivorce to entirely manage your divorce process, providing everything is amicable you can obtain a quick divorce for an affordable low cost of £169.

If you decide to go alone in your divorce with either little or no help, your divorce is likely to take longer and this is for many reasons.

  • Not being efficient at filing the papers.
  • Not understanding the divorce law and requirements.
  • Sending error prone divorce papers into court.
  • Sending the wrong / necessary documents back to the court.

All of the above statements are common things that tend to happen with people choosing to file their own divorce without any help.

That is why the easiest way to get a quick divorce is to have your divorce handled for you, which eliminates any of these problems arising as we have dealt with over 100,000 divorce cases and know the law inside out.

What can delay the divorce process?

There are many things that can delay your divorce process, none more so than the courts cut backs in staff numbers.

One of the most common delays to the divorce process is the respondent not being efficient at returning the acknowledgement of service form back to the court, which is to say that they will not be defending the divorce.

Possibly the biggest delay that arises, especially with divorce cases where you decide to complete everything yourself is providing incorrect divorce papers.

This not only delays the divorce process but can also drive up the cost of your divorce by receiving a court charge to re-file your divorce papers.

Making sure that your spouse is not going to formally defend the divorce before filing for divorce is advisable and will ensure that you can get a without needing to instruct a solicitor to act for you in your divorce process.

If you don’t have an address for your ex-partner this will also make it harder for you to get a quick divorce as you will need to locate your spouse, or at least show the court that you have tried to find an address via friends, family etc.

For a free consultation or advice call us on 01793 384 032.

QuickeDivorce are experts in online divorce and make it our mission to ensure all clients receive a quick divorce with no stress or high legal costs like they would get with solicitors.

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