Is legal aid still available for a divorce in England in 2015?

By March 11, 2015
In April 2013, the coalition government removed legal aid for most private family law and divorce cases. The only cases where legal aid of any type may be available is where there has been proven domestic violence and also for mediation. The government believes that cases where the parties are in dispute about their children […]

Do you have to go to court to get a divorce after 5 years?

By March 10, 2015
Every day ( near enough), we receive the question ” Do I have to go to court to get a divorce if we have been separated for 5 years or more?, surely it is just automatic?” This appears to be one of the most common misconceptions with the general public, many of whom sincerely believe […]

Divorce rate set to rise as economy recovers

By March 10, 2015
The divorce rate is set to rise, according to lawyers in a survey published today. More than three quarters of family lawyers surveyed say parting couples have delayed the start of their divorce proceedings in order to see out the recession, and nearly half of legal firms surveyed said that due to the recession they […]

Divorce Online when your Spouse does not Consent

By March 10, 2015
If you are looking for a quick online divorce, then you either have to be certain that the divorce will be uncontested or that your spouse is unlikely to be found or will not bother signing any papers. There is a bit of a myth, that if you do not have have the agreement of […]

Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi granted Quicke Divorce

By March 6, 2015
In a hearing lasting less than a minute, District Judge Anne Aitken granted the couple a quickie divorce. Last month, pictures emerged of Charles Saatchi grabbing his wife by the throat. He received a police caution for the incident, which took place at a London restaurant. Mr Saatchi, 70, and Ms Lawson, 53, will now […]

Divorce is bad for a men’s health according to a new study

By March 6, 2015
Divorce for men causes health issues A new study by Dr Daniel Felix, of the University of Nebraska examined the marriages of 1,681 people over the course of 20 years, the longest time frame yet for observing how marital happiness – or its opposite – affects physical health. Those whose marriages end in divorce have […]

DIY divorce can be quick and simple if you do it correctly

By March 6, 2015
Do it yourself divorce service? What is it? A lot is spoken about DIY or ‘do it yourself divorces’, but what are they? DIY divorce essentially means, when you don’t hire a solicitor to go on the court record for you. It will involve you completing the divorce papers yourself, along with submitting the necessary […]

Can you really get a quickie divorce?

By March 6, 2015
How quick is a “quickie divorce”? The phrase “quickie divorce” is often used to describe the process of obtaining an uncontested divorce in England and Wales, which are cheaper, quicker and easier than contested divorces. The actual divorce process tends to take roughly the same amount of time whether you use a website promising a […]