How to Start Divorce Proceedings in 4 Steps

By October 27, 2017
Where to start a divorce
How to Start a Divorce in England and Wales If you are looking to file for divorce, one of the first things that you’ll ask yourself is, how do I start? Divorce is never easy and without pain or stress but there is no need to feel like the divorce process is too daunting for […]

Can I keep my Married name when I get Divorced?

By October 26, 2017
2 directions-name change
Can I keep my Married name when I get Divorced? Many automatically want to change their name back to their original maiden name when getting a divorce. However, not everyone does and by law, you actually do not have to. You are Legally entitled to keep your married name and there is nothing that your […]

Getting divorced without an address for your husband or wife

By October 23, 2017
How to serve divorce papers on your spouse without an address Getting an amicable divorce is stressful enough, let alone when it’s been 5+ years and you no longer have an address or contact details for your ex-partner. Not having an address for your husband or wife is actually extremely common and here at Quicke […]

Could you be exempt from paying court fees?

By October 23, 2017
money for court fees
Divorce court fees and fee remission information Divorce can be very expensive, but did you know that many could actually be exempt or be entitled to reduced court fee payments through a scheme called “court fee remission”. This is why, where possible, it’s always best to put some thought into who is going to be […]

5 Simple Steps To Filing for Divorce

By October 23, 2017
file for divorce papers
Learn how to file for divorce in 5 simple steps More people each year are looking to save time, stress and money on their divorce, but they don’t quite know how to file for divorce without turning to a solicitor. This article is designed to help you navigate your way through the process of divorce, […]

Respondent in Divorce

By October 2, 2017
Depressed couple having problems
Have you received your divorce papers through the post and are unsure what you need to do next? If you have received divorce papers then you are the respondent and this will be stated on the actual divorce papers, which you are encourage to read carefully. If your divorce is amicable then receiving these documents […]

Who pays for the divorce in England and Wales?

By October 2, 2017
couples separating and divorce
Information on the fees in divorce & who pays them Who’s pays for a divorce is a difficult question to answer as it will entirely depend on your situation and how you decide to resolve this with your ex-partner. Most people that want to find out who pays for a divorce will assume that the […]

How to get a divorce based on your partners adultery

By September 11, 2017
couples arguing over adultery
So, your partner has committed adultery and you seek a divorce, but where do you start in the minefield that is divorce? Firstly, we will start with a definition for Adultery in divorce, which is as follows; Adultery in divorce is when your husband or wife has had sexual intercourse with someone else of the […]

How long should a divorce take if we both agree?

By September 8, 2017
Conflict and divorce in the family.
How long will your divorce take in 2018? How long a divorce takes will depend on your individual circumstances, but if there is agreement to the divorce then you should be looking to complete within 4-5 months on average. The truth is though, giving you an exact timeframe for your divorce is impossible as each […]

10+ Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce Examples

By July 25, 2017
A couple discussing unreasonable behaviour
If you’ve decided that you want to file for divorce, you must have a valid ground for divorce to do so. If no adultery has taken place and you haven’t been separated for at least 5 years then your only two courses of action are using unreasonable behaviour or 2 years separation with consent. If […]