Online divorce – why do people choose it?

By September 17, 2015

Why choose an online divorce

Why choose an online divorce service?

So it’s the second decade of the 21st century, but flying cars are still in beta and you can’t get to New York in an hour yet, but you can get nearly everything you want or need over the internet, including house robots and of course pictures of cats.

Just go online and type in a local solicitors firm and have a look at their websites to see what we mean.

98% of them do not sell anything you can buy there and then online from their websites, meaning if you want to buy something ( a service) you have to physically get in your car, ride your bike or hop on a tram to their spacious and tastefully designed offices.

You then have to get past a beast of old, named “the receptionist” before you are deemed worthy enough to see something called a fee earner.

This character is solely designed to bill you a lot of money, his or her job depends on it.

Whereas in the dim and distant past when Tony Blair was a good guy, a few pioneers (not cowboys), launched something called “online divorce”.

This novel concept did not involve petrol or chit chat and compared to the solicitors firms was a very great deal cheaper.

Now this concept initially brought howls of laughter and bemusement from the law firm types.

One does not simply do a legal process without seeing a solicitor, this just isn’t the British way of doing things, it is not cricket.

So the fact that one can have their whole divorce dealt with online without having to see anyone or pay for the privilege, was considered a joke and an irrelevance.

Today online divorce accounts for about 25-30% of all divorces, a large chunk of the divorce market has been taken away from solicitors firms and the increase in growth has accelerated since the coalition government abolished legal aid for divorce cases in 2013.

Most divorces are actually uncontested and do not require a lawyer to fight your corner.

If you have acted like adults and managed to come to an agreement, why should you need to have a lawyer do the paperwork, when it can all be done for you from the comfort of your iPad and usually in much less time?

So if you don’t want to waste petrol, have unnecessary journeys, and be charged for even thinking about it, an online divorce may be the solution for you.

QuickeDivorce was started in 2000 when it took 5 minutes to download a picture, and since then has slowly but surely become one of the leading undefended divorce providers in the UK.

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