Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage

By September 20, 2019
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The phrase irretrievable breakdown in divorce is used a lot but the question is, what does it mean?

In England & Wales, there is only one reason for divorce and that is the irretrievable break down of your marriage.

However, you have to prove that your marriage has irretrievably broken down by using one of the 5 legally accepted grounds for divorce:

What does Irretrievable Breakdown mean?

The irretrievable break down of a marriage is the situation where one or both parties to the marriage are no longer willing or do not want to continue living and being in a relationship with each other. Therefore destroying their marriage for good.

The Law

Although the irretrievable breakdown is the only reason for divorce, the courts will not accept that alone. You have to prove that your divorce is beyond repair by using one of the 5 grounds for divorce. You will also be asked to provide evidence to prove what you’re stating is correct.

A no-fault based divorce is not accepted in England & Wales.

To many, this can make the whole process seem very overwhelming but the 5 facts cover a wide range of reasons and with help from legal professionals can become very simple and easy to understand.

Examples of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage:

  • Arguments involving  finances and debt problems
  • Lack of trust in the relationship
  • long-distance separation due to work
  • Personality conflicts
  • Lack of Communication
  • Does not help towards household choirs
  • No longer share the same goals and interests
  • conflicts revolving around family and parenting

Please note: These are just a few examples and are not limited to this list.

What happens if you believe your marriage has irretrievably broken down?

If you believe your marriage has broken beyond repair then its always best to seek advice from a legal professional, we offer free telephone advice and help make the whole process much easier.

There are 4 steps to divorce:

The first step would be to file your divorce petition which means you need to choose grounds for divorce. The 5 grounds are as follows:

The most popular grounds for divorce used in England and Wales is unreasonable behaviour or 2-year separation. If you are unsure of which ground to use then please contact us, we would be more than happy to help.

Once you have decided upon the grounds for divorce and completed your divorce petition the respondent will receive an acknowledgement of service document.

If your spouse (the respondent) does not agree or respond to the acknowledgement of service then check out the following post:

This document means that your spouse has received the divorce petition and is happy to go ahead.

You will then apply for your decree nisi followed by your decree absolute which will end your marriage for good.

Legal Advice

Filling for divorce will always be a difficult time no matter how you choose to go about it. unless you’re qualified its always best to seek legal advice on your divorce.

Quicke Divorce has helped thousands obtain a quick, easy and stress-free divorce.

Please contact us today if you have any question or would like some advice on how to get your divorce started, we offer free telephone advise and pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding.



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