How to Apply for a Divorce Online?

By October 2, 2019

Thousands of individuals are turning to the internet instead of their local high-street in order to obtain a divorce.

With that said, many still have their reservations when it comes to buying legal services online, which is completely understandable. Hopefully, this article will clear up some of those current reservations.

Before starting your application you must ensure you are eligible to divorce.

You can get an online divorce in England and Wales if:

  • You have valid grounds for divorce.
  • You are in agreement to the divorce.
  • Your marriage has lasted at least 12 months.
  • You see England or Wales as your permanent home or be domiciled in England or Wales if you live abroad.

1.Why are we able to charge low fixed fee rates?

We are able to charge low fixed fee rates because we are an online firm. Therefore we do not have a fancy reception or even a receptionist to pay, our printing costs are minimal and various other costs that are involved with running a high-street firm are reduced.

But the main reason is that we don’t believe you should pay over the odds, if you are in agreement to the divorce, instructing a solicitor is unnecessary and you can, therefore, apply for a divorce online or do it yourself with our help.

An agreed divorce using a solicitor will likely cost you over £1,000 + VAT, which is rather unnecessary.

Our clients each typically save over £750 compared to quotes they received from local divorce solicitors.

2.What’s the difference between online vs high street?

The divorce procedure for divorcing online or using a traditional solicitor is exactly the same. Anyone that applies for divorce in England & Wales needs to follow the same divorce process.

An online divorce allows clients to live their life without having to take time out of their busy schedules to visit their solicitor. Anything you need to do for your divorce can all be done via phone, email, skype, WhatsApp and live chat.

There is simply no need to attend a physical office.

How does an online divorce work?

There are 8 simple steps to filing for divorce using our services:

  1. Pay the service fee
  2. User accesses their secure online account
  3. User completes a set of questions relevant to their case
  4. Divorce documents are produced
  5. Case manager edits and checks documents
  6. User is sent divorce papers to sign
  7. Case manager progresses your divorce
  8. User tracks progress online

You will be notified each and every step of the way. You will also be able to contact your case manager if you have any questions, they will be more than happy to help.

3.Why choose Quicke Divorce over other online firms?

At QuickeDivorce we have helped over 150,000 people successfully get divorced. Not only do we take all of the stress and worry out of getting divorced, but you can do the whole process from the comfort of your home, work or pretty much anywhere you choose, on any device.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Legal Ombudsman. This ensures that all of our solicitors are qualified to handle the services we offer.

We are also one of the only trading standards approved divorce service provider. Meaning you can buy with confidence.

To find out more check out our: Why choose us over competitors page.

4.What are the benefits of an online divorce?

  • All services are fixed fee
  • No visiting offices or taking time off work
  • Online divorce services are much quicker
  • You can track progress online
  • Online divorce have better customer service
  • Online divorce is much cheaper

Here are just 6 of many benefits when choosing to divorce online. The main benefit is receiving the same if not better divorce service as a high street solicitor would provide but at the fraction of the cost.

We have been developing our divorce services for 20 years, we pride ourselves on the service we provide and loving hearing from our thousands of satisfied customers.

How to start your online divorce

If you are wanting to get a divorce then we are here to help. We offer a range of divorce and financial orders to suit your needs and budget.

To get your divorce started simply find the right divorce service for you and pay using our secure online checkout. You will then receive an email with your login details so you are able to access your online portal.

Please get in contact if you have any further questions or would like help finding the most suitable service.


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We handle all aspects of your divorce including the drafting and filing of all divorce documents with the courts, as well as any communication between the court, your spouse or any opposing solicitors.

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