Can you really get a quickie divorce?

By March 6, 2015

How Quick is an Online Divorce

How quick is a “quickie divorce”?

The phrase “quickie divorce” is often used to describe the process of obtaining an uncontested divorce in England and Wales, which are cheaper, quicker and easier than contested divorces.

The actual divorce process tends to take roughly the same amount of time whether you use a website promising a quickie divorce or one called slow divorce.

The reasons why we ask people to be wary of using companies who promise a “quickie divorce” is because everyone has to use the same divorce process, which puts into question how they can do it any quicker.

The people behind the scenes at these websites can only do their bit quickly, the court office is where the music happens and if they are on a go slow, then there is nothing that can be done to speed it up.

Each divorce has 4 essential steps

1) The filing of the divorce petition

2) The return of the acknowledgment of service

3) The application for decree nisi ( Interim decree) and finally

4) The application for decree absolute.

The length of time each step takes depends on how quickly documents are sent or returned to court and how quickly the individual court office is at processing their workload.

Some divorce centres are doing better than others. If you live in London for instance, then you will find that your divorce will take much longer than one of the provincial county courts.

Some websites promise to do an uncontested divorce in 12 weeks, but if you look at their terms and conditions, you will generally see that this is an average timescale and cannot be relied on.

It cannot be relied on due to the fact that divorce is a legal process, which has many caveats that can vary case to case, such as the time it takes your spouse to respond to the acknowledgement of service document.

In reality the average uncontested divorce online in 2018 will take between 4 and 5 months depending on where you live.

Our advice is therefore that you do not choose your online divorce service based on how quick they say they can do it, but on the level of service you may receive.

Type in the name of the service you are looking at on Google with the word complaint after their website name to see what other users on the internet are saying about them.

Always be sure to look at various reviews of the divorce provider you decide to use, this should help give you a better understanding of the type of service you should expect.

Check out our range of honest, reliable and fixed fee online divorce services, which typically complete within 16-20 weeks.

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