Divorce Checklist- Everything you need to know

By January 10, 2018
Divorce checklist

Before, During & After divorce checklist- Everything you need to know

Divorce can be an extremely overwhelming time, not only do you have to think of the divorce itself but everything that has to be done with it including children, finances, documentation etc.

We are here to help, we have comprised a divorce checklist to help make a complex time a little less complex.

Our checklist consists of all the important things you need to know and do before during and after your divorce.

Divorce Checklist

Prior research:

  • Choose a ground to divorce upon
  • Choose how you would like to divorce (which package)
  • Start putting money aside to pay for your Divorce
  • Gather originals or copies of all financial documentation- this will aid you later on
  • Set up a P.O box ( this can be useful if you’re still living with your spouse and do not want them opening your private mail)

Documents needed to start a divorce:


  • Bank accounts – ensure any bank accounts remaining are for yourself only (think about changing the security of your account if your ex knows your pin etc.)
  • Joint accounts- ensure any joint bank accounts have been sorted and closed
  • Financial consent order–  a financial consent order might be required to divide up assets such as money, property, savings, maintenance etc.


  • Contact your lender- inform them of your change in circumstances
  • Decide on the plan going forward– you may make the decision to sell the property or transfer the mortgage over to one person. Unsure of what to do? Read our blog post on the subject, it outlines all of your options and how you can move forward.

One person staying put?

  • Contact your lender and transfer the mortgage to your name only
  • You will need to look into your legal protection- if it’s in your ex’s name only, you will have to speak to your lawyer too see if this needs to be changed
  • Redraw- consider cancelling any redraw options on your loan or ask the lender to require joint signatures
  • Ensure all utility bills are in your name only.

Rented house:

  • Contact your agent or landlord- inform them of the change in circumstances and your plan going forward

Staying put?

  • If staying in the house then make sure you notify your agent or landlord and ensure you are the only name on the lease.
  • Change all utility bills over to your name only

Moving out?

  • If you are moving out of the property then make sure you contact your agent or landlord to notify them of this and ask for your name to be taken off of the lease
  • You will then need to ensure your name has been taken off of all joint utility bills (water, electric, gas etc.)


  • Who will your children live with?
  • How often will the other parent see their children?
  • How will you work out seasonal events like Christmas, new years etc.?
  • Will one spouse what to pay child maintenance? If so how much? ( do you need a financial consent order)
  • Who will pay school fees such as uniform, school trips etc.?


  • Change address and name if required on all legal documents including drivers license, bank statements etc.
  • Remove your name from any debts or loans that are no longer your responsibility
  • Do you have life insurance? If so change the beneficiary- if allowed under your divorce decree.
  • Ensure you change your will if required
  • Make sure all joint bank accounts have been closed

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