Separation Agreements- What are they & When should you get one?

By November 13, 2019
What is a separation agreement and why should you get one? A separation agreement is an agreement that’s drawn up by a couple who are temporarily or permanently ending their relationship but are not ready to divorce. The purpose of a separation agreement is to agree & document the division of assets, finances, other matters […]

Everything You Need to Know about Prenuptial Agreements

By November 7, 2019
What is a prenup & do I need one? A prenup is a shortened version of the phrase prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that a couple enter before getting married that details what would happen to their assets and finances if their marriage was to end in divorce or separation. Prenuptial agreements […]

Do prenuptial agreements after marriage exist? Post-nuptials

By October 31, 2019
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This is becoming an increasingly common question in the UK. Often when couples have left it too late to receive a prenuptial agreement before getting married or their circumstances have changed since tieing the knot and wish to have some sort of legal agreement to protect themselves. Luckily there is an agreement that married couples […]

Why do I Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

By February 6, 2019
Why do I Need a Cohabitation Agreement? Did you know an unmarried cohabitating couple have no legal rights if they separate? This could mean one party is left with nothing if their relationship was to end. Cohabitating couples are massively on the rise in the UK! Many couples are choosing to live together and not […]

Do I Need A Divorce or Separation Agreement?

By February 5, 2019
separation agreement vs divorce
Do I Need A Divorce or Separation Agreement? A divorce and separation agreement sound very similar however they are in fact completely different. They have different legal status, they cost a different amount, and they involve very different things. This post will help you decide which is best for you. So what is a Separation […]

5 Facts You Must Know About Prenuptial Agreements

By February 1, 2019
Prenuptial Agreement form
Prenuptial Agreements The basics A prenuptial agreement is an agreement signed by a couple before entering a marriage. It explains what will happen to their individual assets if they were to get divorced. A prenuptial agreement is used to help protect assets and stops them being spilt when a divorce is processed. There are 5 […]