Cheap online divorce lawyers – are they worth it?

By July 4, 2019
online divorce
Cheap divorce lawyers is a term often used in Google, which suggests that consumers are seeking to obtain a professional divorce from a qualified solicitor but at a low-cost. ‘Cheap’ is subjective and cheap to one person could be very expensive to another. We often receive phone calls from our website visitors saying that they […]

Child Maintenance in Divorce

By February 21, 2019
Children in divorce
How to deal with Child Maintenance in Divorce If you are looking to get divorced and have children there are few more factors you need to take into consideration. One being child maintenance. Child maintenance is a payment made to the parent who looks after your child the most from the other parent. It’s there […]

What is an uncontested divorce?

By February 13, 2019
What is an uncontested divorce & how do I obtain one? Uncontested divorces are the most popular in England & Wales. Uncontested simply means a divorce that is amicable and has been agreed by both parties. Uncontested divorces are much easier to obtain as it requires less paperwork, time, money and hassle. It generally takes […]

What Happens to your Pension in Divorce?

By February 12, 2019
pension sharing pot
Pension Sharing in Divorce One asset that’s often forgotten about in divorce is a pension. Surprisingly a pension is often the second biggest asset and is one that can be very valuable. Many earn a pension throughout their whole working life, saving thousands to help provide a stable income when retired. Because this asset is […]

What is a Consent Order & Can I File It Myself?

By February 8, 2019
What is a Consent Order & Who Can File One? A consent order is an order that is drawn up by a solicitor based on what a divorcing couple has agreed upon. A consent order can only be applied for once the decree nisi has been granted. The consent order agreement explains how you will […]

Do I Need A Divorce or Separation Agreement?

By February 5, 2019
separation agreement vs divorce
Do I Need A Divorce or Separation Agreement? A divorce and separation agreement sound very similar however they are in fact completely different. They have different legal status, they cost a different amount, and they involve very different things. This post will help you decide which is best for you. So what is a Separation […]

How much does a divorce cost? Start-Finish

By January 29, 2019
money divorce
How much does a divorce cost start to finish? Divorce costs can vary massively depending on your situation and circumstances. Many people believe they have no option but to pay thousands of pounds but this is simply not true. This post will show you how you can keep your divorce costs as low as possible and […]

Advice On Living Arrangements When Divorcing

By January 24, 2019
separated house
Living Arrangements When Separating When your relationship has come to an end its very unlikely that you will want to live with your ex. However, it’s important to know your legal rights on the matter before putting yourself in a problematic situation. Your rights to your house vary depending on your current situation. There are […]

How to get a Divorce

By January 7, 2019
rings and gavel based on no fault divorce
How to get a divorce Divorce is quite simply overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you expected it or not, the whole process can seem extremely daunting and complex. The whole purpose of Quicke Divorce is to help make a complex and daunting time manageable. This post is to help simplify the divorce process and show […]

How to Get a Quick Divorce Without a Solicitor

By March 5, 2018
signing of divorce papers
Getting a divorce doesn’t have to be confusing, expensive or long-winded. It also, in most cases, doesn’t require a solicitor. The problem is, most people don’t know how to get a divorce without hiring a solicitor, which makes the divorce process longer, more expensive and in most cases more stressful than it needs to be. […]