The Benefits & Drawbacks to using a DIY Divorce Service

By November 6, 2017
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A lot is said and written about DIY Divorces from the media and legal commutators on social media.

This article on the benefits and drawbacks of using a DIY divorce will give you a balanced view of who should be looking at using, who should not, how a DIY divorce works, why the media give them a bad name and much more.

Quicke Divorce are a leading provider in the online divorce industry, which is currently seeing a large intake of clients as more people are seeking a cheaper alternative away from the high street solicitors.

We’ve been providing clients with a DIY Divorce package since 2003 and have successfully helped over 100,000 people deal with and handle their own divorce proceedings.

This does not mean that we will recommend doing your own divorce to every client, in fact it’s actually only about one in five clients that get recommended this service.

What exactly is a DIY Divorce?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term “DIY divorce”, it simply means “do it yourself divorce”. It’s sometimes referred to as a self-help divorce, but they are the same thing essentially meaning that you do not hire a solicitor to handle your divorce procedure.

Filing your own divorce papers without hiring a solicitor has become more common place in the UK over the years with online divorce providers taking more of the share in cases from the traditional local solicitors firms.

A DIY divorce can take 2 different courses, which we will explain below so that you can see each different way that you can actually file your own divorce without needing to hire a solicitor.

Handling your entire divorce yourself

  • Go to your local court and obtain a set of divorce papers
  • Use the internet for advice to complete your divorce papers yourself
  • File your divorce papers with the court with your court fee attached
  • You handle all correspondence with the courts from start-to-finish
  • You receive your Decree absolute and are now divorced

Handling your own divorce with expert help

  • Order a DIY Divorce Service online
  • Complete a simple online questionnaire with basic information
  • Receive your completed divorce papers within 24 hours of the above step
  • Use the guide accompanying this service to file your divorce papers at court
  • Receive your Decree absolute within 20-22 weeks

As you can see, the main differences in the two ways you can handle your own divorce is whether you want to complete the divorce papers yourself or have legal professionals do it for you.

Therefore you need to decide whether risking completing your divorce papers without any help is worth it.

If you do submit erroneous divorce papers then you may be expected to pay a fee of £140 for the courts staff to re-evaluate your case, which is nearly three times more expensive than having professionals complete them for you.

Who should and shouldn’t use a DIY divorce?

Firstly, a DIY divorce is only suitable for couples that are amicable, have either nothing or low-value assets to divide and are happy to follow instructions to complete the paperwork exercise.

Furthermore, it would not be advisable to do your own divorce if you have no address for your spouse as there more necessary procedural steps to undertake, which unless you are legally trained, may not be possible for you to complete or understand.

So, now that we know who shouldn’t look to use a DIY divorce service, let’s look at who could use this type of service and save over £750 on the cost of their divorce.

If a couple is on speaking terms, they are agree to the divorce and have spoken about which grounds for divorce they are going to file for divorce using, then a DIY divorce is a perfect option.

Why spend a fortune when everything can be completed for £59 + the standard court fees?

A DIY divorce is still an option if you aren’t on great terms with your spouse, but it will require more of your time as if your spouse plays up and doesn’t respond to the court, it will involve additional work and costs t yourself.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Don’t believe the bad stories that get plastered in newspapers to receive website clicks.

Contact us and let our divorce experts explain how a do it yourself divorce service from us would work and how much it would cost you.

In reality, the reason this type of divorce gets a bad name is because they take away thousands of cases a year from local solicitors.

This means that instead of Joe Bloggs paying £900+ VAT to a law firm for a very simple and amicable divorce, they are spending £59 and having their divorce dealt with quickly and easily for a low-cost.

If you are unsure whether a DIY divorce service is right for your situation, simply email us today or call us on 01793 384 032 for free information and advice.

You can also read more specific benefits and get details on exactly how this service works by visiting our DIY Divorce Service page on our website.

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