How long should a divorce take?

By April 8, 2016
How long will your divorce take The divorce process in England and Wales is the SAME for every divorce and unless there are complications, each undefended divorce goes through exactly the same process. This however does not mean that every uncontested divorce takes the same amount of time to complete. According to the government statistics […]

Clean break orders – what are they

By April 8, 2016
What is a clean break order A clean break order is a type of court order most often made in divorce proceedings. A clean break order means that the parties to the divorce will have no financial ties once the divorce has been finalised. This means that neither party can then ask the court for […]

How much does a divorce cost if we both agree?

By April 7, 2016
2 year separation divorce image
How much does it cost to get a divorce? Finding out how much a divorce is likely to cost is the most common first question people ask when considering getting a divorce, which is very sensible. Many people will have heard the horror stories in the tabloid press about divorces costing many thousands of pounds, […]

How to divorce after 2 years separation

By April 7, 2016
2 year separation divorce image
Divorce after 2 years separation in England and Wales Commonly referred to as the quickest and easiest ground for divorce, 2 years separation with consent is indeed one of the five available reasons for divorce you are obliged to use when filing for divorce. Although this ground can be a very quick, easy and amicable […]

Divorce after 5 years separation

By November 9, 2015
How to divorce after 5 years of separation It is possible to get divorced if you have been separated for 5 years or more without the consent of your spouse. This sounds easy, right? Well yes it is, if:- You know where your ex spouse lives. They acknowledge the proceedings in writing, by responding to […]

Separation and divorce who leaves the house?

By November 3, 2015
Who should leave the family home? A big question for all separating couples and families, is always going to be “Who leaves the house”?. How do you work out which one of you should leave, or should you leave at all? There are a huge number of factors that need to be considered, even more […]

Is a Separation Agreement Legally Binding?

By October 12, 2015
Couples with some difficulties in their marriage may decide to spend a few days or weeks apart to give themselves some physical and emotional distance. It can be helpful when there are arguments or tension to take a step back and evaluation the relationship. From there, couples decide whether they want to be separated for […]

My wife wants a divorce but I don’t . what do I do?

By October 8, 2015
The question “my wife wants a divorce but i don’t” is actually more common than you would think. Legally what can you do if your spouse does not want a divorce. taking aside the moral argument about trying to save your marriage, legally there are a number of practical options. If you divorce in England […]

No fault divorce – has the time come?

By October 1, 2015
2 year study to investigate the benefits of a no fault divorce system The clamour from the legal profession to introduce no fault divorce in England and Wales has gotten a little louder this week, with the announcement of a 2 year study by family lawyer group Resolution to investigate the merits of replacing the […]