Brexit & Divorce UK | What You Need To Know

By January 10, 2020
Boris Jonson has said he is “one step closer to getting Brexit done” after MPs have backed the Prime Minister in leaving the EU on the 31st January 2020. So with the date approaching the question is, what will happen in regards to divorce if we leave the EU? Whether we leave with a deal […]

Selling or Dividing the House due to Divorce

By November 22, 2019
House in divorce
What happens to the house in a divorce? Filing for divorce means that you and your soon to be ex-spouse have some few big decisions to make. The main one revolving around your family home. One of the first questions our clients ask is what happens to our house & what are my rights. Find […]

Separation Agreements- What are they & When should you get one?

By November 13, 2019
What is a separation agreement and why should you get one? A separation agreement is an agreement that’s drawn up by a couple who are temporarily or permanently ending their relationship but are not ready to divorce. The purpose of a separation agreement is to agree & document the division of assets, finances, other matters […]

Everything You Need to Know about Prenuptial Agreements

By November 7, 2019
What is a prenup & do I need one? A prenup is a shortened version of the phrase prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that a couple enter before getting married that details what would happen to their assets and finances if their marriage was to end in divorce or separation. Prenuptial agreements […]

Do prenuptial agreements after marriage exist? Post-nuptials

By October 31, 2019
Two Gold-colored Wedding Bands on Book Page
This is becoming an increasingly common question in the UK. Often when couples have left it too late to receive a prenuptial agreement before getting married or their circumstances have changed since tieing the knot and wish to have some sort of legal agreement to protect themselves. Luckily there is an agreement that married couples […]

What Is A Decree Nisi In Divorce?

By October 22, 2019
What is a Decree Nisi? A Decree Nisi is a significant stage in the divorce process, it is a document confirming that the judge agrees to the divorce. However, it’s important to know that it does not finalise the divorce. How to Reach the Decree Nisi Stage in Divorce There are 4 stages to the […]

Can The Grounds For Divorce Affect Your Financial Settlement?

By October 16, 2019
Divorce is often an emotional time for couples, especially if you are filing for divorce using a fault-based ground. When the petitioner is filing for divorce using adultery or unreasonable behaviour, its not unusual to feel like they should be compensated in the financial settlement for their spouse’s behaviour. The behaviour of one spouse may […]

My Ex Won’t Sign A Clean Break Order | Next Steps

By October 8, 2019
Divorce is often a stressful and complex time for many, but what many divorcing couples do not realise is that a divorce only ends their marriage and not their financial ties. Without a clean break order, you will be financially tied to your ex-spouse for the foreseeable future. This means that either party could claim […]

How to Apply for a Divorce Online?

By October 2, 2019
Thousands of individuals are turning to the internet instead of their local high-street in order to obtain a divorce. With that said, many still have their reservations when it comes to buying legal services online, which is completely understandable. Hopefully, this article will clear up some of those current reservations. Before starting your application you […]

Irreconcilable Differences | Grounds for divorce UK

By September 24, 2019
A couple discussing unreasonable behaviour
Irreconcilable differences refers to the differences in a marriage that cannot be resolved, resulting in a broken and unhappy relationship. Irreconcilable differences are often referred to as a no-fault divorce. A no-fault divorce is an accepted ground for divorce in many countries including Australia, however, England and Wales is not one of them. In England […]