What benefits can I claim if my Spouse leaves me?

By January 22, 2018
Benefits after divorce
What benefits can I claim if my spouse leaves me? A divorce is daunting to most but its especially daunting for those that are on a low income. Was your ex-spouse the sole earner? If so divorce can be a terrifying time. Many have children and a house they need to support but no income […]

The Benefits of an Online Divorce

By January 11, 2018
Online divorce
The Benefits of an Online Divorce Online divorce services have been around for many years now and are an ever-growing industry. The benefits of an online divorce often seem to good to be true however; the number of benefits are only increasing. The main benefits of an online divorce are: A Much simpler and easier […]

Divorce Checklist- Everything you need to know

By January 10, 2018
Divorce checklist
Before, During & After divorce checklist- Everything you need to know Divorce can be an extremely overwhelming time, not only do you have to think of the divorce itself but everything that has to be done with it including children, finances, documentation etc. We are here to help, we have comprised a divorce checklist to […]

How to Deal with a Joint Mortgage in Divorce

By January 5, 2018
joint mortgage in divorce
How to deal with a Joint Mortgage in Divorce Many divorcing couples have a joint mortgage so it’s no surprise that it causes stress to many. It’s important to note that selling your family home is not your only option, there are other options available depending on your situation. If you do have a joint […]

Divorce when you’ve separated but still live together

By January 3, 2018
Living together when divorced
What the law says when separated but still living together When thinking of divorce many think of two spouses with two separate households, and two separate lives. However, this is actually very hard to achieve. Many simply do not earn enough to be able to sustain a separate life; a joint income with your soon […]

Does an online divorce follow a different divorce procedure?

By December 22, 2017
online divorce vs offline
Does an online divorce follow a different divorce procedure? The divorce procedure can be a quick and easy process to follow yourself without the help of a solicitor, but only if you understand what is expected of you first. Regardless of how you decide to handle your divorce, whether you handle it yourself or hire […]

Can I use an online divorce if there are children involved?

By December 21, 2017
Children in divorce
Online divorce and children – Can it be done? Many are seeking an online divorce service due to its ease of use, practicality and price. However, many believe that if children are involved then they are unable to use an online divorce service; this is simply not true. An online divorce service can be used […]

What grounds for divorce can be used with an Online Divorce?

By December 8, 2017
Grounds for online divorce
What grounds for divorce can be used in an Online Divorce? There are many common misconceptions when it comes to Online Divorce providers. One of these misconceptions being that they cannot cater for all 5 grounds of divorce. The truth is we are able to offer you everything that a high-street solicitor can offer you […]

Decree Absolute – What is it and Where can I get one?

By December 8, 2017
Decree Absolute
What is a Decree Absolute? A decree absolute marks the end of the divorce process and officially states that you are no longer married and are free to marry. What’s the difference between a Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute? One of the common questions we receive here is what’s the difference between a decree nisi […]

No Fault Divorce- Is it possible in England?

By December 5, 2017
rings and gavel based on no fault divorce
Is there such thing as a No Fault divorce in the UK? Many are under the impression that a no fault divorce exists in England & Wales, however, this is not true. Unfortunately, a no fault divorce or ‘irreconcilable differences’ as its also known is not yet available here in England. To be granted a […]