Getting divorced without an address for your husband or wife

By October 23, 2017
How to serve divorce papers on your spouse without an address Getting an amicable divorce is stressful enough, let alone when it’s been 5+ years and you no longer have an address or contact details for your ex-partner. Not having an address for your husband or wife is actually extremely common and here at Quicke […]

Could you be exempt from paying court fees?

By October 23, 2017
money for court fees
Could you be exempt from paying court fees? Divorce can be very expensive, but did you know that many could actually be exempt or be entitled to reduced payments towards court fees. This is why, where possible, it’s always best to put some thought into who is going to be the petitioner. The petitioner is […]

How to File for Divorce in 5 Easy steps

By October 23, 2017
file for divorce papers
How to file for a divorce in 5 easy steps Filing for divorce is not only extremely stressful but it can also be extremely expensive. This guide is here to help. Not only does it outline the whole divorce process and give you a detailed breakdown of each individual aspect, but it also shows how […]

Respondent in Divorce

By October 2, 2017
Depressed couple having problems
Have you received your divorce papers through the post and are unsure what you need to do next? If you have received divorce papers then you are the respondent and this will be stated on the actual divorce papers, which you are encourage to read carefully. If your divorce is amicable then receiving these documents […]

Who pays for a divorce?

By October 2, 2017
couples separating and divorce
Who’s pays for a divorce is a difficult question to answer as it will entirely depend on your situation and how you decide to resolve this with your ex-partner. Most people that want to find out who pays for a divorce will assume that the person that is being filed against (known as the respondent) […]

How to get a divorce based on your partners adultery

By September 11, 2017
couples arguing over adultery
So, your partner has committed adultery and you seek a divorce, but where do you start in the minefield that is divorce? Firstly, we will start with a definition for Adultery in divorce, which is as follows; Adultery in divorce is when your husband or wife has had sexual intercourse with someone else of the […]

How long should a divorce take if we both agree?

By September 8, 2017
Conflict and divorce in the family.
How long will your divorce take in 2017? The question “how long does a divorce take” is the second most frequently asked question our advisors receive over the phones after, “how much does a divorce cost“. The divorce process in England and Wales is the SAME for every divorce case and unless there are complications, […]

Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce Examples

By July 25, 2017
Woman with negative emotions
Unreasonable behaviour in divorce is the most commonly used ground for divorce in England and Wales, but what are some examples of unreasonable behaviour? You can use the unreasonable behaviour of your spouse to obtain a quick and easy divorce, but to do so successfully, you must provide the court with at least 4/5 examples […]

Guide to using Unreasonable Behaviour to divorce

By July 12, 2017
Breaking down the barrier between two people, concept
What is unreasonable behaviour & how to prove it? Unreasonable behaviour is the most commonly used ground for divorce in England and Wales and it’s because of a couple of very simple reasons. Unreasonable behaviour is used so frequently in 2017 because; The consent of your spouse is not required There is no set time […]

How long does a consent order take?

By July 11, 2017
Male and female shaking hands
How long does a consent order take? There is no surprise that the most frequently asked questions we receive come in the form of “how long” or “how much”. So, this post will give you everything you need to know about the length, process and costs of a consent order. What is a consent order? […]